About me

I am a PhD Student in the School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Leeds working with Dr Catherine Walsh and Dr John Ilee. I gained my BSc in Physics from the University of Aberdeen, my hometown, in 2016. I am interested in the formation, composition and detection of (exo)planets. Currently my work centres around the structure and composition of protoplanetary disks. I focus on using molecular lines as diagnostic tools to understand the physical conditions associated with planet formation. By studying the building blocks of planets and how forming planets interact with their disk, we can gain a clearer understanding of the planet formation process. This directly links to the ultimate goal of consolidating the structures observed in protoplanetary and debris disks with the diverse exoplanet population. Here is a copy of my CV (updated 8/19.)

Aside from my research, I am passionate about science communication. I have been involved with the organisation Pint of Science for a number of years and am currently coordinating Leeds Pint of Science 2019. I have also given a number of general interest astronomy talks myself and am always looking for more opportunities to do so. Additionally, I write for the bimonthly Popular Astronomy magazine from the Society for Popular Astronomy.

Visiting the Grand Canyon after the SPF2 meeting in AZ
Presenting my research at EWASS/NAM 2018









(Header image credit: Pat Rawlings / NASA)